selected discography: musical works of nicholas clark 


Nick Minnow: Tongue Tied

2016 Mooster Records

Tipper Whore: Just the Tip

2014 Yewknee Records, drums


Freebase Masons: Vol 5:Mother of Nothing

2013 GasEye Records, Drums



The Hungry Ears: Failure to Speak/Spyrock 7" single

2013 Mooster Records, drums


Nick Minnow Presents: Plant Music Vol.1 (an untested hypothesis)

2012, Mooster Records


Brandon Harrod: Wide Open Sun, Mooster Records

2010, drums, keys


Nick Minnow: The Giraffe EP 

2006 Gaseye


Night of the Living Devilock (misfits tribute)

2007 Popmonster records


Songs From America's Bellybutton (comp)

2007 Gaseye,


Paris Airshow Disaster: The Festival


The Minnows: Amar Dollem

2001 Gaseye Productions 

 Dr. Dook: The Little Ugly Ep/Searching for Carrie Fischer

2004 Black Label Empire, Guitar, vocals